AES TigerNet


Department of Exceptional Children

Ellen Mooneyham, APEX

Erin Stoever, Resource

Alicia Jones, Resource

Christina Pfeifer, Resource

Ruthie Montgomery, Functional Skills

Rebecca Howles, Speech

Annette Heimbach, Speech


Amy Overby, ITA

Russell Overby, SSA


LeAn Inman, Library

Debbie Sides, Counselor

Meredith Bertling, Art

Courtney Juneau, Art

Chuck Halford, PE

Mike Williams, PE

John Amagliani, Music

Carol Fry, Music

Erica Patrickios, OT

Darla Greer, PT

Jennifer Cockroft, ESL

Donna Frasier, Hearing Specialist

Jennifer Yoder, PIT

Jamie Eldridge, DEC Advisor


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